Update #4


I hope everyone had a great weekend and thank you again for your continued support! This is just a short update, but I wanted to let everyone know a few things.

The first item I want to talk about in this update is the latest chapter that has been added, "5. By Example". This is definitely the most code heavy chapter so far, and the remaining chapters are shaping up to be just like it. This is the meat and potatoes of the book. I'm going to be guiding you through building an application with BDD and we're going to step through every line of the code to get there. Supporters should be receiving an email with a link to their updated copy.

Secondly, I've added a blog feature to the site. All of the updates on the book, as well as related topics, will be posted there. I've also added all previous email updates to the blog. Keep an eye out for more updates there.

Thanks again for your support and have a great week.

Update #3


Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone and thank you again for your continued support! I have 2 new updates on the status of the book, Joy of BDD:

1. Progress Tracker

I’m excited to announce that the website now includes a progress tacker. So as I complete more work on the book, I’ll update my status on the tracker. My hope is that this will create greater transparency to my readers and give anyone a quick way to see things grow as we move closer to launch day.

2. Book Updates

I would also like to announce is that I have added more content to the current early access book (those who purchased early access will receive a second email shortly with the link). Besides minor formatting changes and corrections, the biggest major edition is the “Fundamentals - BDD” chapter, as well as the beginning of a chapter about “Outside-In” and the testing pyramid. Both of these chapters are marked 50% on the progress tracker because I expect to be adding a lot more content to them, so stay tuned for the next update!

Update #2


First few chapters of the book have been completed. Not a lot of code so far but I guarantee that will change. Based on my notes so far, this is definately shaping up to be a code heavy book. So if you like examples that you can follow along with from start to finish, this one is for you.

Update #1


Website up and online. Free samples of what has been done so far is available for download, and payment options will be up shortly. Thanks for checking us out.